Numero resystem 2193: DISPONIAMO IN BATTIPAGLIA DI VILLA SU 4 LIVELLI DI C.CA 350 MQ. OLTRE GIARDINO DI C.CA 500 MQ. COSI' COMPOSTA : 1 LIVELLO - TAVERNETTA DI C.CA 80 MQ. CON BAGNOC, GIARDINO DI PERTINENZA E POSTO AUTO; 2 LIVELLO - SALONE VISTA, CUCINA ABITABILE, CAMERA E BAGNO; 3 LIVELLO - 3 CAMERE DA LETTO, 2 BAGNI ; 4 LIVELLO - MANSARDA UNICO AMBIENTE DI 80 MQ. C.CA E BAGNO.          Numero resystem 2192: DISPONIAMO IN BATTIPAGLIA DI APPARTAMENTO RISTRUTTURATO COMPOSTO DA 2 (DUE) CAMERE, CUCINA CON CAMINO, BAGNO E RIPOSTIGLIO, CLIMATIZZATO E BALCONATO, DI C.CA 60 MQ.          Numero resystem 2191: Disponiamo in Battipaglia di appartamento, di 100 mq. c.ca, composto da cucina-salone, 2(due) camere da letto, 2(due) bagni, ampie balconate, totalmente ristrutturato e posto auto in parco.          Numero resystem 2189: Disponiamo in Battipaglia di appartamento composto da Salone-Cucina, 2(due)camere da letto, 2(due) bagni e sottotetto sovrastante di 90 mq.          Numero resystem 2188: Disponiamo in zona periferica di Battipaglia di appartamento al piano rialzato composto di 3 vani, cucina e bagno con giardino di pertinenza di 75 mq.          


RESYSTEM stems from the idea of some estate agents are present for years in the sector, which saw his request Property increasingly on the rise, thought to develop an innovative system, which already present in other states, combining the synergies of more estate agents to facilitate their clients in finding a property for sale or for rent

RESYSTEM is aimed at Real Estate agents is therefore innovation for those already working in the field or neophyte real estate sector as the common portfolio allows any member to advertise also showcase the buildings of other members by increasing the visibility increasingly towards its customers and at the same time conducting negotiations on all buildings on the platform

The RESYSTEM people, given the common platform, can operate throughout the country or abroad without limits of territoriality. 

With RESYSTEM comes the new era for Real Estate Agents so that increasingly affirm their position in the market without incurring high royalties for gaining access to services made available by RESYSTEM platform. 

The system is used in MLS (multiple listing service) which, as already mentioned, already present in the U.S. for over 50 years and thus has consolidated the reality of REAL ESTATE world. 

For this RESYSTEM make provisions competent persons in the area in order to assist them throughout their journey from the most basic things such as using the platform convection concluded or to be concluded with other entrepreneurs. 

RESYSTEM has constant interest colleague member and immediate resolution of each issue its 

For any other information or application for membership send a mail to the address below